Soybean cultivars (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) typing for Satt100 microsatellite marker of E7 gene of photoperiod sensitivity  [2017]

Волкова, Н. Е. Мізерна, Н. А.

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Purpose. Typingsoybean (Glycinemax (L.) Merr.) culti­vars of Ukrainian and foreign breeding for microsatellite mar­ker Satt100 of E7 gene of photoperiod sensitivity. Methods.DNA recover from seedlings on columns with sorbing membrane; polymerase chain reaction (PCR); horizontal gel electro­phoresis; amplification products size determination using “GelAnalyzer 2010a” program. Results. PCR analysis of the microsatellite locus Satt100 to be the marker of the E7 gene was used for typing 15 soybean cultivars. Availability of the 133, 149 and 168 bp amplification products has been established that marked recessive and dominant alleles of Е7 gene correspondingly. All varieties, except ‘Odeska 150A’, were homogeneous for the microsatellite locus Satt100. Genotypes of eight varieties has the recessive allele e7, six ones – the dominant allele E7. Availability of the certain allele of the E7 gene was compared in variety genotype with belonging to the maturity group. The association was found for varieties with vegetation period up to 100 days: all four varieties of this group had the e7 allele, for varieties with vegetation period more than 110 days: for all four varieties of this group the Satt100 locus amplification fragments that mark the dominant allele are specific. Amongsevenmiddle-agedvarieties, fourof them hadtherecessiveallelee7, threeofthem – dominantalleleЕ7. According to thepresented information, some scientistsobtainedamplificationfragments of different
size, butthetendency was revealed concerning the association of the higher molecular fragments witht hedominant gene, and the lowmolecular fragments with therecessive gene. Conclusions. Based on the results of typing of 15 soybean varieties for the microsatellite marker Satt100 of E7 gene of photoperiod sensitivity, it was determined availability of recessive or dominant allele of E7 gene. For most samples, the concordance of availability of the certain allele of E7 gene and the duration of the vegetation period was established. Availability of amplification fragments of different size to be specific for recessive allele testified the needfor sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of the Satt100 locus amplification fragments.

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