Shelf stability and safety of fresh produce as influenced by sanitation and disinfection.  [1992]

Brackett R.E. University of Georgia Experiment Station, Griffin, GA [Corporate Author]

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Quality and safety of fresh produce depend on their microbiological flora. Every step from production through consumption will influence the microbiology of fresh produce. Improper handling and unsanitary equipment lead to increased populations of microorganisms on fresh fruits and vegetables and can compromise quality and safety. Processing steps such as cutting and peeling usually increase the population of microorganisms and shorten shelf life. Using techniques to extend shelf life can increase the risk of safety problems developing and therefore need to be carefully evaluated. Proper use of disinfectants can complement an effective sanitation program but should not be relied upon to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from contaminated produce.

Other subjects

  • manutention
  • aptitud para la conservacion
  • foods
  • disinfection
  • produit alimentaire
  • food technology
  • vegetables
  • food hygiene
  • microbial flora
  • hortalizas
  • fruits
  • desinfeccion
  • frutas
  • aptitude a la conservation
  • flore microbienne
  • higiene de los alimentos
  • keeping quality
  • tecnologia de los alimentos
  • hygiene des aliments
  • desinfection
  • quality
  • legume
  • manipulacion
  • technologie alimentaire
  • handling
  • flora microbiana
  • qualite
  • alimentos
  • calidad

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