Caloric analyses of the distribution of energy in corn plants Zea mays L  [1998]

Hedin, P.A. (Crop Science Laboratory, ARS, USDA, Mississippi State, MS.) Williams, W.P. Buckly, P.M.

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Caloric calculations of the distribution of energy in HY 9919V, N8811, DK 714, and 3167 corn Zea mays L. plants at the V-10, R-1, R-4, and ripened stages were carried out by employing standard analytical techniques and subsequent calculations based on standard caloric values. For these analyses, plants were harvested, sectioned by tissue, dried, weighed, and subsequently analyzed for protein, crude fat, lignin, ash, cellulose, hemicellulose, and nitrogen-free solubles according to standard AOAC methods. In ripened corn, 45.8-48.7% of the dry weight and 47.9-50.3% of the caloric energy were found in the kernels, the remainder apportioned to the lower stalk, upper stalk, and cob. Energy distribution at the earlier stages in descending order were as follows: (V-10) leaves, whorl, roots; (R-1) lower stalk, upper stalk, ears, and tassels; and (R-4) cob, lower stalk, upper stalk, and husk. Thus, the corn plant is a relatively efficient producer of grain, to which it apportions approximately 50% of its caloric energy. The development of corn that apportions an even higher percentage of its caloric energy to the production of grain may become a viable strategy for increasing yield

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  • valor energetico
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  • hybride
  • etapas de desarrollo de la planta
  • tejidos vegetales
  • chemical composition

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" Caloric analyses of the distribution of energy in corn plants Zea mays L "