High Incidence of Glucose Intolerance in Asian-Indian Subjects With Acute Coronary Syndrome  [2005]

Ramachandran, Ambady Chamukuttan, Snehalatha Immaneni, Sathyamurthy Shanmugam, Ravi Marimuthu et al.

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OBJECTIVE:--The risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease is high in Asian Indians. In this study, we aim to assess 1) the prevalence of hyperglycemia in incident acute coronary syndrome (ACS), 2) the effect of glycemia on the outcome, and 3) the association of plasma levels of insulin and proinsulin with ACS. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS--A total of 146 nondiabetic subjects (121 men, 25 women) with ACS admitted to two hospitals in 1 year were enrolled. Random blood glucose at admission and a standard oral glucose tolerance test within 3 days were done. Glucose tolerance was categorized as normal glucose tolerance, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or impaired fasting glucose, and diabetes. Diabetes was arbitrarily classified further as undiagnosed (HbA[subscript 1c] [A1C] >6.0%) or possibly stress diabetes (A1C <6.0%). Subjects not on antidiabetic treatment were reassessed with a glucose tolerance test between 1 and 2 months. Fasting plasma specific insulin, proinsulin, their molar ratios, and insulin resistance (homeostasis model assessment) were estimated at baseline. RESULTS:--Mean age of the cohort was 55 ± 10.6 (SD) years. At baseline, 24 (16.4%) had normal glucose tolerance, 67 (45.9%) had IGT or impaired fasting glucose, and 55 (37%) had diabetes (35 [24%] were undiagnosed and 20 [13.7%] had stress diabetes). At follow-up, 53 of 92 responders (57.6%) continued to have IGT or diabetes. Mean baseline plasma insulin, proinsulin and its ratios, and ins
ulin resistance were higher than normal in all subgroups. CONCLUSIONS:--Nondiabetic Asian Indians showed a high prevalence of hyperglycemia following ACS. ACS was associated with insulin resistance and increased levels of specific insulin, proinsulin, and high proinsulin-to-insulin ratios.

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" High Incidence of Glucose Intolerance in Asian-Indian Subjects With Acute Coronary Syndrome "