Circulating vitamin D metabolites in nephropathic cystinosis  [1983]

Steinherz, Reuven. Chesney, Russell W. Schulman, Joseph D. DeLuca, Hector F. et al.

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Abstract: Circulating vitamin D metabolites (calcidiol, calcitriol, and 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (24,25-DHA)) were examined in 10 children with nephropathic cystinosis receiving various treatment regimens to determine whether vitamin D deficiency or a reduction in serum calcitriol level are associated with this disorder. Mean serum calcidiol-2 levels were above normal in patients receiving over 0.625 mg vitamin D2 daily, and in patients receiving dihydrotachysterol and calcitriol therapy (with some of the patients of the latter therapies previously receiving ergocalciferol). Mean levels of calcidiol-3 were subnormal in patients receiving either low or high ergocalciferol dosages. Levels of 24,25-DHA were reduced in patients receiving low ergocalciferol, dihydrotachysterol, or calcitriol doses, but were normal in the patients receiving over 0.625 mg/day vitamin D2. It is concluded that untreated cystinosis patients do not evidence total calcidiol deficiency, and that high ergocalciferol doses appropriately elevate serum calcidiol-2 levels. (wz)

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  • vitamin deficiencies
  • vitamin metabolism
  • vitamin D
  • Renal disorders
  • clinical trials
  • diet therapy

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Journal of pediatrics

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