Epidemiology and pathogenesis of zoonotic toxocariasis  [1981]

Glickman, L.T. Schantz, P.M.

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Toxocara canis, T. cati, zoonotic toxocariasis, clinical and epidemiological aspects (life cycles, distribution and prevalence in animal hosts, environmental sources, types of infections in man, seroepidemiology), risk factors for zoonotic transmission, future areas for study, review

Other subjects

  • epidemiology
  • Toxocara canis
  • Disease transmission, Animal to man
  • Toxocara cati
  • Disease transmission, Feces
  • Nematoda
  • Disease transmission, Soil
  • nematode infections

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Epidemiologic Reviews

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" Epidemiology and pathogenesis of zoonotic toxocariasis "