Two new species of Cortinarius, subgenus Telamonia, sections Colymbadini and Uracei, from Europe  [2014]

Dima, Bálint Liimatainen, Kare Niskanen, Tuula Kytövuori, Ilkka et al.

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Two new Cortinarius species are described from European Quercus forests and one new combination is made based on molecular and morphological data. Cortinarius uraceomajalis is a vernal species currently only known from Hungary, Bulgaria and Italy, but likely is common throughout central and south-eastern Europe. Cortinarius uraceonemoralis is a widely distributed species in Europe. The new combination Cortinarius nolaneiformis is based on Hydrocybe nolaneiformis Velen. and is a widespread vernal species in Europe. Cortinarius uraceomajalis and C. nolaneiformis are preliminarily placed in sect. Colymbadini, characterized by having a positive (yellow) UV reaction, while C. uraceonemoralis with a UV negative reaction is placed in sect. Uracei. A neotype is selected for C. colymbadinus and C. uraceus to stabilize the nomenclature. Taxonomic novelties: Cortinarius uraceomajalis Dima, Liimat., Niskanen & Bojantchev, Cortinarius uraceonemoralis Niskanen, Liimat., Dima, Kytöv., Bojantchev & H. Lindstr., Cortinarius nolaneiformis (Velen.) Dima, Niskanen & Liimat.

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  • new species
  • Quercus
  • Cortinarius
  • new combination
  • forests

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Mycological progress

ISSN : 1617-416X