Incubation Period and Behavior at a Bar-tailed Godwit Nest  [2004]

Hussell, David J. T.

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Several standard references report the incubation period of the Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) as 20––21 days, but the source of those statements is unclear and may be based on speculation. Here, I report an incubation period at a nest in Alaska that was estimated to be between 21.7 and 23.8 days. This is consistent with incubation periods of three other species of godwit, which are reported to be 22––26 days. At the Alaskan nest, both sexes incubated and would not flush until approached within about 0.6 m. No special displays were observed when the male relieved the female at the nest. The chicks departed the nest when less than 1 day old.

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  • females
  • Limosa
  • nests
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  • chicks

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Wilson bulletin

ISSN : 0043-5643