Viscoelastic Properties and Physico-Functional Characterization of Six High Yielding Cassava Mosaic Disease-Resistant Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Genotypes  [2012]

Ohene Afoakwa, Emmanuel , Department of Nutrition & Food Science, University of Ghana, P. O. Box LG 134, Legon-Accra, Ghana Simpson Budu, Agnes , Asiedu, Clement , Chiwona-Karltun, Linley , et al.

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Investigations were conducted to characterize six high yielding cassava mosaic disease (CMD) resistant cassava varieties (Ampong, Broni bankye, Sika, Otuhia, Amakuma and Bankye fitaa) that have been developed by the Crop Research Institute of Ghana in collaboration with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture for their differences and similarities in viscoelastic properties and physico-functional characteristics. The viscoelastic properties (pasting temperature, peak viscosity, final viscosity, breakdown viscosity and setback viscosity), and physico-functional characteristics (swelling power, solubility and water binding capacity) were determined using standard analytical methods. The results showed wide variations in viscoelastic properties with values ranging from 270.67-380.67 BU for peak viscosity, 37.17-260 BU for final viscosity, 199.83-282.33 BU for breakdown viscosity, 21.83-98.66 BU for setback viscosity and 2.48-10.51 min time to pasting temperature. Similarly, variations in swelling power, solubility and water binding capacity were noted with values ranging between 14.34-17.04%, 73.04-79.98% and 234.53- 276.63% respectively for all the different cassava genotypes. Statistical analysis showed significant differences (P < 0.05) amongst the studied cassava genotypes with Sika (improved variety) having exceptionally high viscoelastic characteristics. The differences noted in the viscoelastic properties and physico-functional characteris
tics of the six CMD resistant cassava genotypes could be used in their selection for specific food and industrial processing applications.

Other subjects

  • Cluster analysis
  • Functional properties
  • Manihot esculenta Crantz
  • Principal component analysis
  • Pasting characteristics
  • Cassava

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Nutrition & Food Sciences

ISSN : 2155-9600