Bioavailability of iron in some commercial variety breads  [1979]

Ranhotra, G.S. Lee, C. Gelroth, J.A.

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Bioavailability of iron in 10 commercial variety breads (mixed-grain, whole-grain, high-fiber, diet and white) was determined by the hemoglobin repletion technique using anemic rats. Five of the breads were enriched with ferrous sulfate, one with reduced iron, one with an unspecified iron source; three were not enriched. Bioavailability of iron in the breads varied from 32% to over 80% compared to that in ferrous sulfate added to the control (low-iron) diet. Bread composition data suggested that ingredients such as wheat bran, soy flour, vegetable flour, but not purified cellulose, interfered with the availability of iron. The magnitude of the interference was unrelated to the amount of phytate phosphorus or dietary fiber present in the breads

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Nutrition Reports International (USA)

ISSN : 0029-6635


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" Bioavailability of iron in some commercial variety breads "