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Patterns of vitamin usage in a sample of university students  [1980]

Bootman, J. Lyle Wertheimer, Albert I.

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The use of vitamin supplements by young married college students was investigated to determine how many used vitamins regularly, or for acute disorders, or for "extravagant" reasons (super pep or anti-stress), or whether, indeed, more women than men take vitamins. A questionnaire was mailed to 279 families, of whom 65% were undergraduates. Response rate was 52.7%. No vitamin supplements were used by 43.5% of the respondents; 45% used vitamins occasionally. Most used multivitamins instead of specific ones, except the 41% who used ascorbic acid for colds or flu. The ratio of women to men users was 42:29. The excessive use of vitamins for "extravagant" reasons was not apparent

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Journal of the American Dietetic Association (USA)

ISSN : 0002-8223