Dairy proteins for the cereal foods industry: Functions, selection, and usage  [1983]

Stahel, Nancy American Association of Cereal Chemists (USA). Annual meeting [Corporate Author]

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Candy manufacturers are the principal users of dry whole milk. Nonfat dry milk on the other hand is readily used in the baking industry to enhance the flavor and color of cereal-based products. Buttermilk powder is popularly used in baked foods. Casein and caseinates are used in more specialized food products. Casein (approximately 90% protein) is used as a nutritional supplement for cereals, breads, and geriatric and other specialty foods. Whey (inexpensive dairy solids) is easily blended with other ingredients, is acid soluble, can be whipped and is becoming an alternative to nonfat dry milk. Conventional pasta has had its protein content upgraded by the addition of whey-yeast products, whey protein concentrates, and casein. Many other applications are being developed to increase the use of dairy proteins in baked goods or mixes. Only 1/4 of the total solids in milk are protein, but this protein offers the widest range of functional effects on the food system. (kbc)

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