Iron and zinc status of vegetarian and nonvegetarian males  [1984]

Latta, Dorothy Liebman, Michael

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Extract: An assessment of iron and zinc status paramenters in 36 vegetarian and 18 nonvegetarian adult males demonstrated no significant difference between these groups in any of the biochemical indices measured. Analysis of two 3-day food records kept by each subject indicated similar intakes of dietary iron between groups whereas mean daily crude fiber intakes were significantly higher in vegetarians than in nonvegetarians. With the exception of a negative correlation between crude fiber intake and hematocrit within the nonvegetarian population, no significant correlations were found between dietary iron or crude fiber intakes and any of the iron status parameters. Crude fiber intake was negatively correlated with RBC zinc and plasma zinc within the total population and with plasma zinc within the vegetarian population. These findings suggested that an antagonistic effect of dietary fiber (and/or phytate) upon zinc bioavailability may have been partially responsible for the relatively high percentage of vegetarians with "low" plasma zinc levels. (author)

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Nutrition reports international (USA)

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