Serum vitamin K1 concentrations after oral administration of vitaminK1 in low birth weight infants  [1985]

Sann, L. Leclercq, M. Guillaumont, M. Trouyez, R. et al.

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A study reports the results of serial measurements of serum vitamin K levels in newborn low birthweight infants following an oral dose of 2.0 mg vitamin K. Peak serum levels resulted 6-12 hours after dosing with a 20-fold increase in the median level. The results indicate that normal or a high serum vitamin K can be achieved by the end of the first week in life, but it is notknown whether this dosage is sufficient to maintain normal serun vitamin K levels and normal coagulant activities later on. Prolonged blood clotting, especially in breast-fed infants, is due to vitamin K deficiency and supplementation in newborn infants must be recommended. (wz)

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  • vitamina k
  • lactancia/ terapia
  • nouveau-ne
  • analisis
  • vitamine k
  • infantes
  • allaitement/ therapeutique
  • analyse
  • deficiencia de vitaminas
  • carence en vitamines
  • composition du sang
  • composicion de la sangre

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The Journal of pediatrics (USA)

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