Lectins in foods and their relation to starch digestibility  [1985]

Rea, R.L. Thompson, L.U. Jenkins, D.J.A.

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A study assessed the relationship between lectin content in test meals and glycemic indices previously established in normal and diabetic subjects. Lectin content correlated negatively with glycemic response in both groups of subjects, suggesting that lectins may affect the rate of carbohydrate digestibility. In vitro digestion studies suggested that lectins may influence the luminal stage of digestion. Cooked kidney beans containing lectins were digested in vivo less rapidly than cooked beans lacking lectins or lectin-free white bread. The addition of bean lectin to the bread decreased the in vitro starch digestion rate. The results indicate that lectins may account for as much as 50% of the digestibility difference between lectin-free white bread and lectin-containing kidney beans.(wz)

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  • almidon/ dieta
  • pain
  • proteine
  • haricot commun
  • digestibilite
  • amidon/ regime alimentaire
  • proteinas
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  • frijol (phaseolus)

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" Lectins in foods and their relation to starch digestibility "