The 1986 Herman Award Lecture. Nutrition science as a continually unfolding story: the folage and vitamin B-12 paradigm  [1987]

Herbert, V.

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An award address presents a comprehensive technical review discusses the current state of knowledge concerning the development of nerve damage in vitamin B12 deficiency and its alleviation by folic acid. Specific attention is given to: the folate and vitamin B12 paradigm: the iron mineral model and the importance of moderation in supplementation; folate and vitamin B12 models; observations that laboratory test results become abnormal for the individual before it exceeds the range of normal for the laboratory; vitamin B12 transport; the confounding variable of iron deficiency; the absorption of vitamin B12 and its analogues; radioassays for cobalamins and noncobalamin corrinoids; the argument that vitamin B12 in food and that synthesized is not the same; the role of liver receptors for beta-galactosyl end groups of glycoproteins; vitamin B12-binding protein research involving the Australia antigen; and the sequence of events in folate deficiency etiology. Controversies in developing minimal and maximal daily requirements for folate and vitamin B12 also are discussed.(wz)

Other subjects

  • vitamine b12
  • acido folico
  • trastornos del sistema nervioso
  • riesgo
  • risque
  • aditivos alimentarios
  • acide folique
  • additif alimentaire
  • deficiencia de vitaminas
  • carence en vitamines
  • trouble du systeme nerveux
  • vitamina b12

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American journal of clinical nutrition (USA)

ISSN : 0002-9165