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Influence of roughage source on wintering beef heifer performance  [1989]

Bagley, C.P. Morrison, D.G. Feazel, J.I. Mooso, G.D.

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Three roughage sources (bermudagrass hay, cottonseed hulls and soybean straw) were evaluated using weanling beef heifers for preference, voluntary intake and performance during wintering trials. In trial 1, when given access to all three roughage sources, heifers preferred (P less than .05) bermudagrass hay (7.3 kg/d) to either cottonseed hulls (.2 kg/d) or soybean straw (.1 kg/d). In trial 2, voluntary intakes of the roughage sources fed individually and unsupplemented were higher for bermudagrass hay (P less than .05) than cottonseed hulls, which was greater (P less than .05) than soybean straw. During the winter performance trial (trial 3), heifers consuming the bermudagrass hay diet had heavier (P less than .01) final weights (255 vs 235 kg) and higher (P less than .01) daily gains (.36 vs .15 kg) than heifers fed other roughage-based diets. Cottonseed hull diets produced heifers with higher daily gains and final weights (P less than .01) compared with soybean straw diets. Corn added to the diets of either cottonseed hulls or soybean straw increased (P less than .05) heifer gains and final weights. Performance of heifers on all diets, except soybean straw, was acceptable. Heifers receiving soybean straw without supplemental corn grain had weight losses during the winter phase, while those fed soybean straw plus supplemental corn gained only .11 kg/d. Daily dietary costs were similar only when cottonseed hulls could be purchased and handled in bulk rather than sacked

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Nutrition reports international (USA)

ISSN : 0029-6635