Nutritional improvement of cereals by sprouting  [1989]

Chavan, J.K. (Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri, India) Kadam, S.S.

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This article reviews the literature related to the improvement of the nutritional value of cereals by sprouting. Sprouting of grains increase content of the essential amino acids, total sugars, and the B vitamins, and decreases content of antinutrients. Protein and starch digestibility are improved by sprouting. The use of sprouted cereals in traditional and processed foods is described

Other subjects

  • brotacion
  • proteine
  • composition
  • proteinas
  • grain
  • valeur nutritive
  • granos
  • poussee
  • valor nutritivo
  • composicion
  • productos derivados de cereales
  • produit cerealier

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Critical reviews in food science and nutrition (USA)

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" Nutritional improvement of cereals by sprouting "