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Folic acid metabolism in health and disease  [1990]

Picciano, M.F. Stokstad, E.L.R. Gregory, J.F. American Chemical Society (USA). Food and Nutritional Biochemistry Subdivision [Corporate Author]

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This publication provides a background on the biochemistry and physiology of folic acid and discusses recent developments in analytical methodology and the clinical aspects of folic acid nutrition. Topics include: an historical account of the advances in the biochemistry and function of folic acid; the regulation of folic acid metabolism and the use of antagonists to study folate metabolism and transport by cells; the intestinal absorption of dietary folates; microbiological growth techniques; animal bioassays for measuring bioavailability of food folates; clinical aspects of dietary, physiological, and deficiency concerns; and the evaluation of folate nutritional status in infants, adolescents, adults, and other population groups

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Contemporary issues in clinical nutrition (USA)