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Suitability of the gluten index method for assessing gluten strength in durum wheat and semolina  [1992]

Cubadda, R. (Molise University, Campobasso, Italy) Carcea, M. Pasqui, L.A.

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Gluten index (GI) values were determined on 163 durum wheat whole meal and corresponding semolina samples and correlated to percent protein, percent dry gluten, manual gluten quality score, sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) sedimentation value, and alveograph W and G values. The sample set was chosen to cover wide ranges in genotype, environment, protein content, and gluten strength. A strong positive correlation was found between GI value and manual gluten quality score, which is considered as the reference method for both whole meal and semolina in this study. A good correlation also was found between whole meal and semolina GI values and SDS sedimentation and alveograph W values, Thus, it was concluded that GI is an excellent small-scale method for evaluating gluten strength in durum wheat

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Cereal foods world (USA)

ISSN : 0146-6283