Farming and birds in Europe: the common agricultural policy and its implications for bird conservation  [1997]

Pain, Deborah J. Pienkowski, M.W.

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Why farming and birds in Europe? / Deborah J. Pain and James Dixon -- Europe's changing farmed landscapes / Clive Potter -- The evolution of the Common Agricultural Policy and the incorporation of environmental considerations / Nigel Robson -- Priorities for bird conservation in Europe: the importance of the farmed landscape / Graham Tucker --Extensive grazing and raptors in Spain / Jose A. Donazar, et al. -- Cereal farming, pesticides and grey partridges / Dick Potts -- The Spanish dehesas: a diversity in land-use and wildlife / Mario Diaz, Pablo Campos and Fernando J. Pulido -- Rice farming and waterbirds: integrated management in an artifical landscape / Mauro Fasola and Xavier Ruiz -- Shrikes and the farmed landscape in France / Norbert Lefranc -- Birds and wet grasslands / Albert J. Beintema, Euan Dunn and David A. Stroud -- Farming in the drylands of Spain: birds of the pseudosteppes / Francisco Suarez, Miguel A. Naveso and Eduardo De Juana -- The importance of mixed farming for seed-eating birds in the UK / Andy Evans -- Conclusions: a future for farming and birds? / Deborah J. Pain and Michael W. Pienkowski --European agriculture: threats and opportunities / James Dixon

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