Trends and strategies for rice insect problems in tropical Asia  [1981]

Pathak, M.D. Dhalival, G.S. International Rice Research Inst., College, Laguna (Philippines) [Corporate Author]

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About 60% of the world's total rice area is in tropical Asia where population densities are high, landholdings and per capita income are small, and rice production per unit area is usually low. There is little scope for bringing additional land under cultivation and much of the increase in rice porduction must come from increases in yield per hectare and cropping intensity. Rice insect pests in the tropics are more intense in fields with a thick crop stand and high cropping intensity. Thus, insect problems are likely to become more intense, and the change in rice plant type could bring about a shift in relative status of different pest species. Such changes are becoming apparent but are also greatly influenced by the varietal resistance to insect pests, agronomic practices, and adoption of integrated method of pest control

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IRRI Research Paper Series (Philippines)

ISSN : 0115-3862