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Partial and complete replacement of fishmeal by soybean meal in feeds for intensive culture of carp  [1982]

Viola, S. (Miloubar Central Feedmill, Asherat (Israel)) Mokady, S. Rappaport, U. Arieli, Y.

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Feeding experiments with carp were performed in plastic tanks, in cages and in experimental ponds, using pelleted rations of 25% total crude protein. Fishmeal was the only source of supplemental protein in the control ration, besides the basal ground grains. Partial replacement (40% of the fishmeal) by soybean meal in pond trials required only supplements of methionine and 5% oil in order to attain the same growth, protein and energy utilisation as with the control ration. When most or all of the fishmeal was replaced by soybean meal, supplements of methionine, 0.4-0.5% lysine and 10% oil were necessary to achieve gains, protein efficiency ratio (PER), net protein utilization (NPU), protein retentions and energy retentions equal to those of the control fishmeal ration. It was concluded that regular soybean meal contains 10-15% less available energy and 10-15% less available lysine for carp than the generally accepted values (as in NRC-NAS, Nutrient Requirements of Poultry, 1977).

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Aquaculture (Netherlands)