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Controle de plantas daninhas em arroz irrigado em função de doses de herbicidas pré-emergentes e início da irrigação  [2006]

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Concenço, G.(UFPel)
Lopes, N.F.(UFPel)
Andres, A.(Embrapa Clima Temperado)
Moraes, D.M.(UFPel)
Santos, M.Q.(UFPel FAEM)
Rieffel Filho, J.A.(UFPel FAEM)
Vilella, J.V.(UFPel FAEM)

The objective of this work was to evaluate the behavior of two herbicides, penoxsulam and clomazone, as a function of rates and times of flooding on weed control and grain yield in rice. The trial was conducted in split-split plots and completely randomized block design, with irrigation start (19, 24 and 29 days after emergence), and two herbicides, penoxsulam (18, 36, 54 and 72 g ha-1) and clomazone (300, 400, 500 and 600 g ha-1) applied in pre-emergence of weeds and rice crop. Penoxsulam, between 18 and 72 g ha-1, and clomazone, between 400 and 600 g ha-1, applied in pre-emergence in rice crop, allowed irrigation start 29 days after emergence (DAE), without reductions in weed control or grain yield.

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