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Notas adicionais sobre a taxonomia e a distribuição geográfica dos gêneros Alchorneopsis Muell. Arg., Cleidion Blume e Polyandra Leal (Euphorbiaceae- Acalyphoideae)  [2001]

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Secco, Ricardo de S.(CNPq Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi Departamento deBotânica)

Complementary data are presented and discussed with regard to the taxonomy and geographic distribution of the genera Alchorneopsis, Cleidion and Polyandra. Alchorneopsis is a probably monotypic genus from Central América, Colômbia, Guiana, Peru and Brazil. Cleidion, with the majority of their 25 species in the paleotropics, has only three species in Tropical America. Polyandra, a monotypic genus, is probably endemic from Brazilian Amazonia. The taxonomic relations of the genera and species are discussed and the Amazonian species are illustrated.

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