Written Paper

Phenotypic variability of quantitative traits in wheat  [1998]

Kobiljski, B. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia). Poljoprivredni fakultet [Corporate Author]

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Phenotypic variability and stability of six traits such as: earliness, stem height, kernels number/spike, kernel weight/spike, harvest index and spike index of 40 genotypes, originated from four different regions in 35-40 deg belt of north hemisphere were investigated. For all analysed traits wide phenotypic variability have been determined. The ANOVA showed highly significant and significant effect of cultivar, year and their interaction on expression of traits, while according to trait and region, the effects of each component on phenotypic variability were different. The genotypes with best stability performance have been determined for each trait. There was no significant correlation between examined traits and stability parameter (regression coefficient), which showed the possibility of creation wheat genotypes with high value of the trait and good stability. The results showed that it is possible to accumulate desirable genes for few traits and at the same time genes for good stability in one genotype.