Written Paper

Combining abilities and mode of inheritance of yield and yield components in maize (Zea mays L.)  [1998]

Petrovic, Z. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Novi Sad (Yugoslavia). Poljoprivredni fakultet [Corporate Author]

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Using the line x tester analysis (Singh and Choudhary, 1976), we studied the mode of inheritance of grain yield, yield components, and morphological characteristics of seven female lines, three tester lines, and 21 hybrids of maize. The results of the study have shown that dominant genes play the most important role in the inheritance of plant height, ear base height, grain number per ear row, 100-grain mass, and grain yield per plant in this crop species. Additive gene effects have been found to be more important than dominant ones in the inheritance of the number of grain rows per ear. Superdominance and heterosis were recorded in all the characters under investigation with the exception of the number of grain rows per ear. In most cases, the combination of lines with significantly negative and significantly positive GCA (general combining ability) values produced hybrids with a significantly positive SCA (special combining ability). Hybrids having a good SCA (special combining ability) for 100-grain mass and grain number per row also had a significant SCA (special combining ability) for grain yield per plant.