The economic effects of milking the improved "Sjenica"sheep breed [Yugoslavia]  [1998]

Rujevic, F. Graca, F. (PIK "Pester", Sjenica (Yugoslavia))

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This paper discusses the economic effects of general sheep production, i.e. the production of milk, meat and wool. The production data analyzed are from PIK "Pester" farms in Sjenica, Serbia (Yugoslavia). The period 1989-1993 is analysed, since we consider this period (in Yugoslavia) to be economically more stable and to give results more reliable than the results characterizing the period 1992-1996. The physical indicators representing the five year production and their average values are given separately for each year of the priod chosen. Parameters expressing value are presented in terms of prices and the income realized in 1997, for the sake of comparison.

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  • efficacite
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  • datos de produccion
  • production data
  • ovinos
  • eficacia
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  • yougoslavie
  • production animale
  • donnee de production
  • ovin
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