Imidacloprid - a new systemic insecticide  [1991]

Elbert, A. (Bayerwerk, Leverkusen (Germany). Geschaeftsbereich Pflanzenschutz) Becker, B. Hartwig, J. Erdelen, C.

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The nitroguanidine imidacloprid, 1-[(6-chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-4,5-dihydro-N-nitro-1H-imid azol-2-amine, is a systemic insecticide. It is a nitromethylene derivative synthesized in February 1985 by Nihon Bayer Agrochem K.K. The biological profile of this compound was defined on the basis of the results of exhaustive laboratory experiments and greenhouse trials. The product is extremely effective against sucking insects such as rice leafhoppers, aphids, thrips and mealybugs, and very effective against whitefly. It is also effective against some species of biting insects, such as paddy stem borers and Colorado beetle, but it has no effect on nematodes or spider mites. It has also been shown that at comparatively high dose rates it kills adult insects and has ovicidal effects. Imidacloprid is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor stimulator. Its mechanism of action differs from that of conventional insecticides. It therefore gives excellent control of all resistant populations investigated hitherto. Imidacloprid has a positive temperature co-efficient. After foliar application it has a good residual action, it is highly photostable and it shows satisfactory resistance to the action of rain. The product is active after oral ingestion and by direct contact, but it is not active in the vapour phase. The LD95 after oral ingestion by Myzus persicae is about 2 pg/aphid. After topical application it is about 160 pg/aphid. It has not been possible to demonstrate reco
very of injured aphids, or antifeeding effects. Imidacloprid has a faster action against aphids than oxydemeton-methyl. After foliar application the product shows good translaminar and acropetal translocation, so it is also likely to provide effective control of pests with a furtive lifestyle, and protect the parts of the plant which regenerate after treatment

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