Changes of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in pathogen-resistant and pathogen-sensitive near-isogenic wheat lines in response to elicitor from stem rust  [2000]

Skoczowski, A. Barna, B. Dubert, F. Niemczyk, E.

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The aim was to investigate the effect of elicitor prepared from wheat stem rust on H+-ATPase activity in plasma membranes of near-isogenic wheat lines SrHopeRa and SrHopeSa, resistant and susceptible to stem rust race 1 pathogen, respectively. Plasmalemma fraction was purified from crude microsomal fraction by means of the phase separation in aqueous two-phase system of dextran T500 and PEG 4000 polymers. Specific H+-ATPase activity in resistant line was significantly higher than from susceptible one.

Other subjects

  • cell membranes
  • genetica
  • triticum aestivum
  • resistance aux maladies
  • membrane cellulaire
  • resistencia a la enfermedad
  • genetique
  • biological differences
  • diferencias biologicas
  • genetics
  • disease resistance
  • puccinia graminis
  • difference biologique
  • membranas celulares

From the journal

Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica Hungary

ISSN : 0238-1249