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Efficiency of humic substances prepared specimen Universal-Pro in fertilization of field crops  [2015]

Zarina, L., Valsts Priekuļu Laukaugu selekcijas inst., Priekuli, Priekuli parish, Priekuli municipality (Latvia) Kukainis. O., Latvijas humusvielu institūts, Riga (Latvia)

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To check the efficiency of the liquid organic fertilizer UniversalPro concentrate made from high quality Latvian peat, experiments were conducted during 1998-2000 at the State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute for testing various crops: potatoes, spring barley and perennial ryegrass. Field trials arranged in weak acidic sod podzolic sandy loam soils with a good potassium and phosphorus collateral, organic matter content - 21 g kgE-1. All in the studies included species grown after in the region generally accepted technologies: in autumn field is tilled, in spring sliding were carried out as well as basic fertilizer are applying, and sowing/planting. The combining mineral fertilizers are used as the basic fertilizer: for potatoes 545 kg haE-1 NPK 11-11-22, for spring barley and perennial ryegrass 400 kg haE-1 NPK 16-16-16. Universal-Pro was examined in fertilizer in the background with half of the dose in basic (PM ½), as well as the basic background of the full dose (PM 1). Humic substances prepared specimen Universal-Pro led to faster germination of potato, spring barley and ryegrass. Humic substances prepared specimen Universal-Pro using ensured yield increase of summer barley by 22.2%, for perennial ryegrass - 10.2-19.4% and 11.4-19.3% for potatoes.