Variable tire pressures for tropical forest? a synthesis of concepts and applications  [1999]

Brown, C. (Silvatech, Ltd., Salmon Arm, British Columbia (Canada)) Sessions, J.

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Variable tire pressures for tropical forests? A synthesis of concepts and application. Tropical forest conditions pose special problems for forest transportation because a number of adverse factors are present, First, most tropical forests have prolonged wet periods with high intensity rainfall. Second, in many areas of the tropics, good quality rock is scarce and expensive. Third, harvest removals under the selective management systems designed to sustain tropical forests are usually low and may limit investment in roads. The objective of this paper is to suggest the use of varibale tire inflation pressure for log trucks as a means of increasing the season of operation, improving traction, reducing road maintenance, reducing the depth of aggregate surfacing, and reducing truck maintenance costs. A synthesis of concepts and applications of variable tire inflation pressure in North America is discussed.

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Journal of Tropical Forest Science (Malaysia)

ISSN : 0128-1283