Influence of sucrose and mannitol concentrations on effectiveness of the in vitro vernalization of isolated winter wheat germs  [1991]

Dubert, F. Kuchalska, J. Marcinska, I. (Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow (Poland). Dept. of Plant Physiology)

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At high sucrose concentration the effectiveness of vernalization remained unaffected, if chilling lasted at least 8 weeks; shorter vernalization inhibited germ growth and retarded the earning. At approximately equal water potentials, mannitol inhibited the germ growth and the effectiveness of vernalization more than sucrose

Other subjects

  • sucrosa
  • triticum aestivum
  • vernalisation
  • cultivos de invierno
  • semilla
  • mannitol/ experimentacion in vitro
  • saccharose
  • graine
  • culture d'hiver
  • vernalizacion
  • mannitol/ experimentation in vitro

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Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Biological Sciences (Poland)

ISSN : 0239-751X