Superfood  [1985]

Levey, Gail A.

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The high nutrient densities of a number of natural foods are discussed, pointing out the functions of the various nutrients with respect to health promotion and disease prevention. These include bananas (1 providing 1/3 of the vitamin B6 RDA), artichokes (offering a viable meat substitute for iron), sweet potatoes (1 providing 2.5-fold the vitamin A RDA), salmon (omega-3 fatty acids that reduce heart disease risk), cereals (dietary fiber), and nuts, especially walnuts, which have the highest polyunsaturated/saturated value of 22 foods is appended. (wz)

Other subjects

  • hortalizas
  • legume
  • legumineuse
  • fruits
  • vitaminas
  • vitamine
  • frutas
  • valeur nutritive
  • leguminosas
  • valor nutritivo

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Health (USA)

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