Assay on the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the leaf decoctions of gatas-gatas (Euphorbia hista Linn.), makabuhay (Tinospora trumphii Boerl.) and silisian (Polanisia icosandra Linn.) against Shigella dysenteriae  [1998]

Lasam, L.L. Angeles Univ. Foundation, Angeles City, Pampanga (Philippines). Faculty of Graduate School [Corporate Author]

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Results of the study showed that at concentration of 50% and 75%, gatas-gatas and silisian exhibit intermediate inhibitory effect against Shigella dysenteriae. However, S. dysenteriae is resistant to the 25% concentration of the aforementioned plants and all the prepared concentrations of makabuhay. Thus, in diluted form gatas-gatas and silisian are not also effective in inhibiting the growth of S. dysenteriae. The growth inhibitory effect of gatas-gatas, makabuhay and silisian against S. dysenteriae significantly vary with gatas-gatas exhibiting greater inhibitory effect among the three weeds used. There is a significant difference on the extent of the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the prepared concentrations of makabuhay, silisian and cotrimoxazole antibiotic. However, there is no significant difference on the extent of the anti-bacterial effectiveness of the 75% concentration of the leaf decoction of gatas-gatas and cotrimoxazole. Thus, at high concentration, gatas-gatas exhibits anti-bacterial effectiveness against S. dysenteriae which does not extremely vary from cotrimoxazole antibiotic. Recommendations are presented

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