DNA fingerprint identification of mango cultivars Mahachanok, Nang Klang Wan and Sunset  [1999]

Chalermpol Phumicai Julapark chunwongseKasetsart Univ., Bangkok (Thailand). Faculty of Agriculture. Dept. of Horticulture) Kasetsart Univ., Bangkok (Thailand). Research and Development Inst. [Corporate Author]

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Genetic relationship of 16 mango cultivars including Mahachanok, Nga(2), Sunset, Keitt, Karabao, Kiewsawoi and 9 unknown cultivars from Mr. Prapat Sithisung orchard was studied to identify the origin of the Mahachanok cultivar. Using 10 AFLP primer pairs, were generated DNA profiles of 16 mango cultivars and found 125 polymorphic DNA bands which were used for genetic similarity analysis. We found cultivars Mahachanok and Sunset to be closely related but the rest of the cultivars were distant apart. We used the co dominant DNA markers MG470P to assess the relationship among 16 cultivars and found that cultivar Nga showed the DNA band of 800 base pairs. On the other hand, Sunset and other cultivars showed the DNA band of 620 base pairs, while Mahachanok had both 800 and 620 bp bands. These results indicate that Nga and Sunset to be highly likely Mahachanok's parents.

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  • variety trials
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  • mangifera indica