Apple [Malus domestica] polyphenol improves lipid metabolism and insulin independence in obese rats  [2007]

Ohta, Y.(Asahi Breweries Co. Ltd., Moriya, Ibaraki (Japan)) Funayama, M. Seino, H. Sami, M. et al.

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We evaluated the effects of apple polyphenol (AP), of which the major components are procyanidins, on obesity and glucose tolerance using Zucker fatty rats (fa/fa). In this study, Zucker fatty rats were fed diets containing 0.2% or 1.0% apple polyphenol for 12 weeks. Visceral fat weight and triglyceride levels in blood and liver were reduced by AP intake. Glucose and insulin levels in blood also decreased, and the amount of fatty acids excreted into feces increased in dose-dependent manner. Furthermore, suppression of fatty acid synthase gene expression in the liver and increase of adiponectin gene expression in white adipose tissues were observed. These results indicate that AP improves lipid metabolism and insulin resistance.

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Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology (Japan)

ISSN : 1341-027X