History of tea production and marketing in Turkey  [2007]

Klasra, M.A. (Cankaya Univ., Ankara (Turkey). Dept. of International Trade) Khawar, K.M. (University of Ankara (Turkey). Dept. of Field Crops) Aasim, M. (University of Ankara (Turkey). Dept. of Field Crops)

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The paper reports slow but steady rise and popularity of tea cultivation in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The report covers the time when it was not accepted by the farmers due to large number of socioeconomic factors and lack of proper technical guidance, to a time when it is considered a highly profitable and economic crop of the region.

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  • tea
  • marketing
  • production
  • turkey
  • camellia sinensis
  • history


International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1560-8530