Determination of early period performance in Gala (Malus domestica Borkh.) apple cultivar budded M9 rootstock practiced different training systems  [2011]

Emine KÜÇÜKER Yakup ÖZKAN Kenan YILDIZ İl Tarım Müdürlüğü, Tokat [Corporate Author]

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In the study, the effects of different training systems (Slender Spindle, Hytec ve Vertical Axis) on early period performance of Gala cultivar budded on M9 rootstock were investigated. For this purpose, in second and third years after planting, some vegetative and generative characteristics such as generative shoot number, trunk cross sectionel area (cm²), canopy volume (m³), yield per tree (kg), yield per decree (kg), the yield efficiency (kg cm-2), averege fruit weight (g), fruit colour values, pH, fruit firmness (kg), SÇKM, total soluble solid (%) were determined. In the result of the study, for vegetative characteristics and generative shoot number determined in the second year, significant differences between training systems were not found. The differences caused from training systems were appeared in the third years of the study. For example, the numbers of generative shoots were the more in Hytec systems (36.37 number tree-1) compared to Vertical Axis (25.00 number tree-1) systems. In terms of yields characteristics, in the both years of the study, the higher values were reached in Hytec system compared to the others two systems. In third year (2010) of the study, the yields collected from Hytec and Vertical Axis were 1514.8 kg and 1551.1 kg da-1 respectively. On the other hand, the yield collected from Slender Spindle training systems was reached to 1925.4 kg da-1.

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ISSN : 2149-2182