Edible coatings - formation, characteristics and use - a review  [2007]

Kokoszka, S. Lenart, A.,Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland). Faculty of Food Technology

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The increased consumer demand for food products characterized by high quality and a long shelf-life has initiated the development of mildly preserved products that keep their natural and fresh appearance for the longest possible time. Edible coatings have been long used empirically for food protection and shelf-life prolongation. A growing interest in edible coatings has been observed in the past few years. This paper characterises edible coatings, natural materials/biopolymers used in the production of edible coatings and their application in the food industry

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  • traitement
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  • aptitud para la conservacion
  • procesamiento
  • keeping quality
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  • produit alimentaire
  • film comestible
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  • aptitude a la conservation
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Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences (Poland)

ISSN : 1230-0322


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" Edible coatings - formation, characteristics and use - a review "

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