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Модернизация столового сортимента для фермерского и приусадебного виноградарства: перспективные сорта-генеты Кострикина-Крайнова  [2014]

Troshin L. P.

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The article highlights the characteristics of the three promising for Eurasia table grape varieties bread by genetics-selectioners I.A. Kostrikin and V.N. Krainov with colleagues, also presented confirming photographs in color of abundant bushes, groving buds, young shoots and their tops, adult leaves, grapes and berries; the results reported about their five-year study, both in the industrial environments of OAO AF "South", OOO "Phanagoria-Agro", Training Farm "Kuban" and the branches of the Department of Viticulture Kuban State Agrarian University, as well as in Farmer-amateur conditions of private entrepreneurs of Kuban and Don: Aniuta, Gurman Kraynova, Jubilee of Novocherkassk. These varieties create a modern conveyor of table varieties and recommended for introduction in the State register of breeding achievements of the Russian Federation in all regions of our country for gardening use


Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665