Effect of protein supplements and roughage sources on growing rabbits  [1988]

Suwanna Kijparkorn Snit Kijpajup (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok (Thailand). Faculty of Veterinary Science. Dept. of Animal Husbandry)


The experiment was designed to enable further investigation in rabbits weaned from the four groups of does treated with four different sources of protein in experiment I received the same diets as their does with different sources of roughage. The four weaned groups, 24 in each, were each put into four subgroups of two replications to receive para grass, ipil-ipil, water hyacinth and rice straw as the source of roughage. Weight gained and amount of concentrate and roughage consumed were recarded in all ninety six rabbits from six weeks of age to fourteen weeks. Weight gain and amount of concentrate consumed per rabbit were not significantly different within each protein source. The same results were found in the amount of roughage fed to rabbit receiving protein from soybean meal-cottonseed meal source and soybean meal-cottonseed meal-rubberseed meal-source. The significant differences (P0.01) were found in rabbits receiving soybean meal-fish meal ration and soybean meal-rubber seed meal-ration. However, feed conversions were not different among 4 groups of rabbit in each protein sources.


  • efficacite
  • crecimiento
  • alimentacion complementaria
  • croissance
  • alimentation complementaire
  • eficacia
  • forraje grosero
  • conejo (oryctolagus)
  • lapin
  • fourrage grossier


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" Effect of protein supplements and roughage sources on growing rabbits "