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Efficiency of humic substances prepared specimen Universal-Pro in fertilization of field crops

Zarina, L., Valsts Priekuļu Laukaugu selekcijas inst., Priekuli, Priekuli parish et al. [2015]

To check the efficiency of the liquid organic fertilizer UniversalPro concentrate made from high quality Latvian peat, experiments were conducted during 1998-2000 at the State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute for testing various crops: potatoes, spring barley and perennial ryegrass. Field trials arranged in weak acidic sod podzolic sandy loam soils with a good potassium and phosphorus collate ...

SUBJECT: germinability; letonia; organic amendments; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures


[A comparison of energy crops (winter and spring oilseed rape) production varieties]

Stramkale, V., Latgale Agricultural Research Centre, Vilani et al. [2008]

The aim of experimentation was to carry out a comparison of spring and winter oilseed rape varieties and to investigate suitable for East Latvia region production technology; to prepare suggestions for farmers about oilseed rape varieties and its production technology. 17 spring and 16 winter oilseed rape varieties have been investigated in experimentation. The new agrotechnical approaches and ...

SUBJECT: letonia; fenologia; semilla; rendement des cultures; cultivos de primavera

Research involving annual counts of weeds in the actual flora and the weed seedbank was carried out in the Vidzeme region in monitoring areas in five districts (Riga, Cesis, Valka, Valmiera and Limbazi), to determine the abundance of weed species and their groups in Latvia and the dynamics of their occurrence from 1994 to 2002. Field trials to examine the relationship between grain yield and l ...

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; investigacion; letonia; methods; cultivos de primavera


In 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture funded project has been started with the aim to determine the use indicators of mineral fertilizer, mainly nitrogen, with the different application rates, as well as the maximum and economically reasonable application rates for significant field crops in Latvia: winter rye, winter and spring wheat, winter and spring rape, spring barley and potatoes. Field t ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; trigo de primavera; nitrogen fertilizers; potatoes; letonia

POSTED TO: Žurnāls katram zemniekam un lauku uzņēmējam [1407-5164]

SUBJECT: protection des plantes; investigacion; cereales; letonia; cultivos de primavera

The research paper has been prepared in the period from 2009 to 2015 in State Stende Cereals Breeding Institute. Hypothesis statement: winter cereals are suitable for production of several types of renewable energy sources in local conditions of Latvia. Objective of the paper: to determine the suitability of winter cereals for production of different types of renewable energy sources. Terms of ...

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; triticum aestivum; ensilado; energia termal; field experimentation


Soil phosphorous and potassium apparent recovery by field crops

Karklins, A., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture et al. [2015]

Data from 72 field trials using the same layout was carried out in four locations in Latvia during 2008-2012 was used. Experimental crops: winter and spring wheat, winter rye, winter and spring rape, spring barley and potatoes. In each experiment soil before planting of crops was tested in two depths: 0-20 cm and 20-40 cm and plant available phosphorous and potassium (Egner-Riehm method) was d ...

SUBJECT: letonia; potassium; nutricion de las plantas; engrais pk; rendement des cultures


Predicted nitrogen removal using maximal allowed fertiliser rates

Karklins, A., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture et al. [2015]

Maximal allowed nitrogen fertiliser rates for field crops in Latvia are limited by legislative acts and set up for different yield levels. The main objective for such limitation is to reduce the excess of mineral nitrogen left after crop harvesting. To monitor plant nutrient nitrogen requirements and to assess the possible nitrogen surpluses balance method was used. In field experiments with w ...

SUBJECT: nitrogen fertilizers; letonia; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures; methode statistique


The influence of nitrogen on plant nutrient use by field crops

Ruza, A., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture et al. [2012]

In order to obtain significant data about the plant nutrient utilization from mineral fertilizers and maximum allowed dosages of fertilizers, a project, financed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia, was started in the year 2008. The aim of the project was to determine the utilization indicators of mineral fertilization, mainly nitrogen fertilization, on different nitrogen ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; nitrogen fertilizers; potassium; letonia; nutricion de las plantas


The present research calculates the minimum land area needed in agriculture main sectors - field crop, dairy, grazing livestock farming, vegetable and permanent crops growing in Latvia and its regions depending on land quality and the amount of support payments received, purchase and resources price fluctuations, land purchase possibilities, assesses the current agricultural land use in Latvia ...

SUBJECT: utilizacion de la tierra; vegetable growing; farmland; field size; research