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The article contains the results of the research on the dynamics of weed seed fall on the soil and the growth of spring barley crop dry overground phytomass. Reaping early spring barley in milky or milky wax ripenning phases, a 37-40 % higher yield was got of overground crop phytomass dry material and 73-95 % weed seeds fall on soil was decreased as compared with the hard ripenning phase of sp ...

SUBJECT: letonia; rendement des cultures; cultivos de primavera; field experimentation; lithuania

The influence of cropping systems differing in intensity on mineral nitrogen migration

Guzys, S., Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ., Akademija [2012]

The research was carried out on ASU WRI grounds in Juodkiškes village in Endocalcari Endohypogleyic Cambisol (CMg-n-w-can). Research basis is 3 different field studies. In Variant I an organic cropping system was used with manure and without mineral fertilizers and pesticides, in II - organic-mineral cropping system with manure and mineral fertilizers, using pesticides, in Variant III - minera ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; soil chemicophysical properties; letonia; sistemas de cultivo; leachates

POSTED TO: Research for Rural Development. International Scientific Conference Proceedings (Latvia) [1691-4031]


The influence of different crop management practices on soil fertility and crop rotation productivity

Maiksteniene, S., Lithuanian Inst. of Agriculture, Joniskelis et al. [2005]

Complex research was carried out at the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture Joniskelis Research Station on an endocalcari-endohypogleyic cambisol to identify the effects of undersown crops - red clover, Italian ryegrass (Lamium multiflorum Lamk.) grown as catch crops and succession crop - white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) as well as the effects of their biomass incorporated as green manure on th ...

SUBJECT: letonia; rendement des cultures; siembra; cultivos de primavera; field experimentation

POSTED TO: Latvian Journal of Agronomy

Biomass and energy productivity of different plant species under western Lithuania conditions

Siaudinis, G., Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Vezaiciai et al. [2015]

Long-term field experiments with different perennial crops were held in Western Lithuania, during 2009-2012. The field trials were composed as two factorial design with the aim to investigate the effect of liming and N fertilization on crops biomass and energy productivity. The soil of the experimental site is naturally acid moraine loamy (Bathygleyic Dystric Glossic Retisol), pH 4.2-4.4. Out ...

SUBJECT: experimentation en laboratoire; nitrogen fertilizers; letonia; analyse de variance; rendement des cultures


The cycles of phosphorus in crop rotations differing in fertilization

Guzys, S., Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ., Akademija [2013]

The investigations were carried out during the period 2006-2011 in the land of the Water resources management institute of ASU, in the village of Lipliūnai on Endocalcari Endohypogleyic Cambisol (CMg-n-w-can). The base of investigations is 3 drainage systems, which contain cereals differing in fertilization and grass crop rotations. The aim of investigations is to determine the crop rotations ...

SUBJECT: rendement des cultures; field experimentation; composicion quimica; graminee; engrais mineral

POSTED TO: Research for Rural Development. International Scientific Conference Proceedings (Latvia) [1691-4031]


Influence of harvest time of Artemisia dubia Wall. properties

Cerniauskiene, Z., Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ., Akademija et al. [2016]

In the world, scientists are constantly looking for alternative crops, which would be suitable for energy. Their harvesting period choice is an important task in order +to reduce the production of biofuels-storage costs. This choice has influence on the properties of plants, technology of production-preparation and storage, also natural conditions. Lithuania is in the temperate zone, which is ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; botanique; contenido de humedad; letonia; botany

POSTED TO: proceedings of the international scientific conference [1691-5976]


Simplification of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) growing technology

Nedzinskiene, T.L., Lithuanian Inst. of Agriculture et al. [2008]

The paper presents the data on winter rye cultivation technology studies conducted during the period 1994-2006. The field trials carried out on a Haplic Luvisol were designed to estimate the effects of soil preparation, seed rate and nitrogen fertilization on winter rye grain yield and on the number and weight of weeds. It was determined that the number and mass of weeds when winter rye was tr ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; nitrogen fertilizers; letonia; seed; aplicacion de abonos

POSTED TO: Latvian journal of agronomy [1691-3485]


Analysis of declaration data of farming land and crop areas

Sinkeviciute, V., Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ., Akademija et al. [2015]

Declaration data of farming land and crop are analyzed in the article. Ukmergė district is chosen for the more detailed analysis. Statistical data of farmers and other land users are analyzed in the article; the declaration data of farming land and crop are analyzed and mathematical statistical dependence between the declared area and soil productivity index is determined. The results show tha ...

SUBJECT: donnee statistique; investigacion; tierras agricolas; letonia; travailleur agricole

POSTED TO: International scientific journal


The effect of nitrogen nutrition on the productivity of winter triticale in the soils of Central Lithuania

Janusauskaite, D., Lithuanian Inst. of Agriculture, Akademija et al. [2008]

During the period 2000–2004 field trials with winter triticale were conducted at the LIA in Dotnuva on a light loam Endocalcari - Epihypogleyic Cambisol. The goal of the field trials was to determine the optimal conditions for winter triticale nitrogen nutrition and to estimate nitrogen fertilizer efficacy taking into account mineral nitrogen content in the soil. Our experimental evidence sugg ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; investigacion; nitrogen fertilizers; soil chemicophysical properties; fongicide

POSTED TO: Latvian journal of agronomy [1691-3485]


The trial was conducted in light loamy Dystric Albeluvisol in Western Lithuania. The influence of mixture (80 % Trifolium pratense L. (Tp) cv. Liepsna + 20 % Phleum pratense L. (Pp) cv. Gintaras II) as green manure on the productivity of wheat was investigated in the organic farming system. No pesticides and mineral fertilisers were used in cattle manure 60 t ha-1 was applied only. Red clover ...

SUBJECT: letonia; agricultura tradicional; rendement des cultures; organic agriculture; field experimentation

POSTED TO: Latvian journal of agronomy [1691-3485]