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Ecophysiology of horticultural crops: an overview

Hermann Restrepo Díaz et al. [2010]

Horticultural crops include a wide range of commodities, such as fruits and vegetables, that are highly valuable for humanity. They are extensively grown worldwide, and their production can be described as an open and highly complex system affected by many factors, among which we can count weather, soil and cropping system, as well as the interaction between these factors. The aim of environme ...

SUBJECT: 植物生理学; 蔬菜; physiologie végétale; خضروات; أداء المحصول

POSTED TO: Agronomía Colombiana [0120-9965]


Considering the importance of eggplant in the Colombian Caribbean horticulture, and based on the maximum period of weed interference on the crop, the current work intended to lay the foundation of a sustainable and integrated weed management control program through a field experiment conducted in Universidad de Cordoba, in the municipality of Monteria, Cordoba department, Colombia (8°39’ N; 5° ...

SUBJECT: 植物生理学; أعشاب ضارة; physiologie végétale; fisiología vegetal; 杂草

POSTED TO: Agronomía Colombiana [0120-9965]


The potato crop is one of the five most consumed products by humans. The potato is an herbaceous dicotyledonous plant belonging to the Solanaceae family, allowing crop establishment and production within the latitudes 47°S and 65°N. Of the total global surface area occupied by the potato, 50% is located above 1,000 m a.s.l., and the optimal zone of production of Solanum tuberosum of the commer ...

SUBJECT: potatoes; fisiología vegetal; physiologie du développement; 植物生态学; solanum tuberosum

POSTED TO: Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Hortícolas [2011-2173]


SUBJECT: tomate; crecimiento; lycopersicon esculentum; production; cultivos

SUBJECT: fungicidi; malattie fungine; metabolisme; control de enfermedades; inibizione

POSTED TO: Informatore Fitopatologico (Italy) [0020-0735]

Frontier in tropical fruit research

Subhadrabandhu, S. et al. [1992]

Summaries (En)

SUBJECT: habitos de crecimiento; quality; plant habit; fisiologia vegetal; substance de croissance vegetale

SUBJECT: virus; afidos; plagas; plantas de condimento; capsicum

POSTED TO: Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture - Hokkaido University (Japan) [0018-344X]

Bibliography: p. 410-478

SUBJECT: plant anatomy; fisiologia vegetal; plante oleagineuse; plant diseases; production vegetale

Bibliography p. 448-522

SUBJECT: plant anatomy; fisiologia vegetal; plante oleagineuse; plant diseases; production vegetale

Diagrs., graphs, illus., tables. Includes bibliographies. Summaries (En);

SUBJECT: utilisation; cafe; coffee; fisiologia vegetal; genetique