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The book discusses the distribution of Ghanaian forests and the efforts made to conserve it. It also talks about the uses of trees and herbaceous plants, many of which have a wide distribution in Africa far beyound the frontiers of Ghana. The text is conveniently divided into subjects such as food, fuel, medicine and weeds. The plants are listed in their scientific names and Ghanaian vernacula ...

SUBJECT: planta ornamenta; vegetables; dye plants; spice plants; forest products

POSTED TO: 337pp.

SUBJECT: plante sauvage; plantas textiles; plante de couverture; plantas tintoreas; ornamental plants

SUBJECT: toxicity; inmunoglobulina; insecticidal plants; drug plants; allergies

POSTED TO: Clinical and Experimental Allergy (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: antioxidantes; propagation materials; materiales de propagacion; acidos grasos; feed crops

POSTED TO: Journal of Japanese Society of Food and Nutrition (Japan) [0021-5376]

SUBJECT: legumineuse; legumineuse fourragere; leguminosae; leucaena; arboles de sombra

POSTED TO: Animal Production and Health Bulletin (Sri Lanka)

SUBJECT: medicinal plants; insecticidal plants; antiviral agents; methods; drug plants

POSTED TO: Crop Protection (United Kingdom)

SUBJECT: cecidomyiidae; leguminosae; diptera; economic plants; lespedeza

POSTED TO: Annual Report of the Society of Plant Protection of North Japan (Japan) [0368-623X]

SUBJECT: feed crops; tissu; crops; compuestos nucleicos; dna

POSTED TO: Plant and Cell Physiology (Japan) [0032-0781]

SUBJECT: temperatura del medio ambiente; meteorologie; meteorologia; grain legumes; fibras blandas

POSTED TO: Bulletin of Sand Dune Research Institute - Tottori University (Japan) [0285-2845]


Written Paper

SUBJECT: timber trees; arboles forestales; ornamental trees; coniferas; economic plants

POSTED TO: Biologia (Czechoslovakia) [0006-3088]