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Five farming systems were identified: kaingin farming system, monocrop plantation based, multiple crop plantation based, annual homegarden, and perennial homegarden. All are characterized as: managed by the household, untitled, with steep slope, with rugged topography, and rainfed. More than 73 percent of household respondents practiced two or more of these farming systems. The most common was ...

SUBJECT: arboles; cultivos; arbre; jardin familial; culture multiple

The results of the study revealed that under different cropping systems, plastic mulch significantly raised the soil temperature and soil water content remained stable. The soils were also observed to be loose, friable and well-aerated condition. Microbial activity was also enhanced. Quick-effective N, P, K, and other soil nutrients were released quickly. Subsequently, crops grew fast with hig ...

SUBJECT: plante de culture; impact sur l'environnement; yunnan; cultivos; rendement des cultures

SUBJECT: domestic animals; productos de origen animal; cereales forrajeros; alimentation; caracteristique de l'oeuf

POSTED TO: Rapport - Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen foer Husdjurens Utfodring och Vaard (Sweden) [0347-9838]

SUBJECT: propiedades fisico-quimicas; fisiologia; economic plants; vegetable crops; plante

In experiments carried put in 2005-2009 dormant seeds and germinating seeds and 2-3 day-old sprouts of different agricultural crops were exposed to magnetic field (MF) having frequency of 1 to 30 Hz and induction of 25 mTl. The objects were selected so as to cover the representatives of different classes, families, genera and species. Within a species compared were varieties, hybrids, plants h ...

SUBJECT: magnetic field; semilla; growth rate; crops; plantule

SUBJECT: production vegetale; baja california t s; plant production; baja california del sur; baja california sur-cultivos

SUBJECT: experimentation au champ; biomass; utilizacion de la tierra; rendement des cultures; field experimentation

SUBJECT: rendement des cultures; agroforestry; cultivos asociados; vegetables; crop yield