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The present research calculates the minimum land area needed in agriculture main sectors - field crop, dairy, grazing livestock farming, vegetable and permanent crops growing in Latvia and its regions depending on land quality and the amount of support payments received, purchase and resources price fluctuations, land purchase possibilities, assesses the current agricultural land use in Latvia ...

SUBJECT: utilizacion de la tierra; vegetable growing; farmland; field size; research

Field experiments are recognized as long-term if they have been conducted for more than 20 years; if the long-term experiment (LTE) has already run for 50 years or more, it is called “classical”. The very first LTEs were established in Rothamsted Research Station (UK) in 1843 and they are still in use. It is possible to study crop production, nutrient cycling, environmental impact of agricultu ...

SUBJECT: experimentation au champ; letonia; analisis; analyse; field experimentation

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Nutrient balance in crop rotation

Vucans, R. et al. [2003]

The effect of fertilizer application on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balance in field experiment under crop rotation (winter wheat-winter rape-spring wheat-barley-barley + clover-clover) has been investigated. Experiments were carried out in the Study and Research Farm "Peterlauki" of the Latvia University of Agriculture from 1997 to 2002. The obtained data show that on sod-pseudogley sa ...

SUBJECT: potassium; letonia; nutricion de las plantas; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures

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[A comparison of energy crops (winter wheat, rye, tricosecale, barley) varieties production]

Stramkale, V., Latgale Agricultural Research Centre, Vilani et al. [2008]

There was a field trial completed with regard to a determination of East Latvia’s winter varieties’ suitability on soil and climatic conditions, and for production of bio-ethanol. The task of this trail was to investigate the yield of winter wheat, rye, triticosecale and barley varieties, to determinate grain quality and suitability of varieties for production of bio-ethanol. The aim of this t ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; letonia; methods; rendement des cultures; field experimentation

[Determination of agronomical efficiency of fertilizers in spring and winter wheat, barley and oat]

Malecka, S., State Stende Inst. of Cereal Breeding, Dizstende [2008]

In 2007, at the State Stende Institute of Cereal Breeding field experimentation for spring grain crops varieties and winter wheat have been carried out. In 2007, the agro-climatic conditions were optimal for crop development and growth providing a good crop yield. In the all fertilizers variants, the highest grain yield was for winter wheat, the lowest was for oat species. In conclusions the e ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; caracteristicas agronomicas; letonia; caractere agronomique; aplicacion de abonos

The estimation of energy efficiency of crop rotation in long–term trials

Vigovskis, J., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture, Skriveri et al. [2012]

The aim of the work is to establish the energy-efficiency of long-term experimental field “Sidrabini” at the Research Institute of Agriculture of Latvia University of Agriculture. The crop rotation of winter triticale, spring wheat, spring barley, spring oilseed rape and potato was tested on the influence of increasing fertilizer rates during 1994–2008. Four fertilizer doses were tested: NPK 0 ...

SUBJECT: efficacite; field experimentation; abonos npk; application rates; research


The effects of soil tillage and sowing technologies on the yield of winter wheat were studied on sod podzolic loam soils in the Study and Research Farm (SRF) "Vecauce" during 1998 to 2001. Classic early ploughing, late ploughing with soil pacomat and sowing without soil reversing were used as comparison variants of soil tillage for winter wheat. There wasn't significant difference between grai ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; nitrogen fertilizers; letonia; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Proceedings of Agronomy

The article contains the results of the research on the dynamics of weed seed fall on the soil and the growth of spring barley crop dry overground phytomass. Reaping early spring barley in milky or milky wax ripenning phases, a 37-40 % higher yield was got of overground crop phytomass dry material and 73-95 % weed seeds fall on soil was decreased as compared with the hard ripenning phase of sp ...

SUBJECT: letonia; rendement des cultures; cultivos de primavera; field experimentation; lithuania

Field trials were carried out at the Research Station of the Latvia University of Agriculture. Four winter wheat varieties were investigated with the aim to determine the dynamics of chlorophyll accumulation in the whole plant and in its parts during the vegetation period as well as to establish the possible correlation of winter wheat yields with the chlorophyll content in its sowings. It was ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; letonia; chlorophylle; aplicacion de abonos; rendement des cultures

Production of bioethanol from starch based agriculture raw material

Jansone, I., Latvia Univ. of Agriculture et al. [2013]

Bioethanol can be used for food production and to partially replace fossil fuel. Bioethanol is mainly produced from renewable biomass that contains sugars, starch or lignocellulose. The main raw materials for production of bioethanol are cereals, maize (Zea mays), sugarbeets (Beta vulgaris sacccharifera) and other plant species. During the trial that took place in State Stende Cereals Breeding ...

SUBJECT: investigacion; experimentation en laboratoire; triticum aestivum; letonia; production

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