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SUBJECT: profitability; efficacite; belgique; germany; rendement des cultures

POSTED TO: Top agrar (Germany) [0342-2399]

Berichtet wird uber die Erzeugung und Qualitat von Durumweizen in Kanada, USA, Turkei, Italien, Griechenland, Osterreich, Spanien, Frankreich und in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die Durumweizenernte 1997 betrug in Kanada 4,35 Mio. t und in den USA 2,4 Mio. t. Die Erntemengen waren somit gegenuber 1996 etwas rucklaufig. In den USA wurde ein Proteinniveau von 16,2 % i.Tr. ermittelt. Innerhalb ...

SUBJECT: qualitat; ernte; usa; protein; osterreich

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SUBJECT: protection des plantes; mittelpruefung; application methods/ fungicides; plaguicidas; ver fahren

POSTED TO: Mitteilungen aus der Biologischen Bundesanstalt fuer Land-und Forstwirtschaft, Berlin-Dahlem (Germany) [0067-5849]

SUBJECT: eleccion de la epoca; scelta dell'epoca; crops; plante de culture; systeme jachere

POSTED TO: Informatore Zootecnico (Italy) [0020-0778]

The present work reports the results obtained using a method of disinfection with gaseous chlorine of drained nutrient solution in gerbera cut flowers grown in closed soilless system. The experimental trials were carried out in France at the Experimental Centre of SCRADH. Gaseous chlorine disinfection proved to be an efficient method to decrease the presence of soil pathogens in the drained nu ...

SUBJECT: disinfection; cloro; chlore; reglamentaciones; nutrient solutions

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SUBJECT: asparagus officinalis; exportation; concorrenza economica; rendement des cultures; mercadeo

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SUBJECT: demanda; precios de mercado; sesto d'impianto; poland; oferta

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[The world production [melons]]

Trentini, L. et al. [16-22jan1998]

SUBJECT: cultivos de invernadero; production data; iran republique islamique; culture sous abri; culture sans sol

POSTED TO: Informatore Agrario (Italy) [0020-0689]

Emilia Romagna area represents the half of sugar beet seed production in European Union. The number of varieties is also growing, because the new markets in Estern Europe (Russia, Hungary) request monogerm seed of high genetic quality

SUBJECT: demanda; exportation; seed; exports; production data

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SUBJECT: prodotti derivati del latte; carne di manzo; viande bovine; beef; svezia

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