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Water management within the cropping system is a key factor for an integrated weed management. Soil moisture affects seed persistence and seed dormancy, thus influencing their germination, the establishment of seedlings as well as the competition at adult stage and the number, vitality and dormancy of the new seeds produced by the weeds. The interactions among water availability and competitio ...

SUBJECT: riego; oryza sativa; integrated control; potenziale idrico; potentiel hydrique

POSTED TO: Italian Journal of Agronomy (Italy) [1125-4718]

Crop protection from phytophagous insects represents one of the major problems of modern agriculture. Pest control achieved through chemical inputs is harmful to environment and human health, urging the development of alternative strategies. In this contest, biotechnologies offer powerful tools for the accomplishment of an integrated pest management. This review describes the principal results ...

SUBJECT: biotecnología vegetal; inibitori degli enzimi; integrated control; antagonism; enemigos naturales

POSTED TO: Annali della Facoltà di Agraria della Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - Portici (Italy) [0365-799X]

Abiotic stresses and hormonal balance in crops

Vernieri, P. et al. [jan-feb2006]

[Abiotic stresses cause extensive losses to agricultural production worldwide. The most important abiotic stresses, i.e. the ones causing main losses of productivity, are induced by water deficiency, high salinity, high or low temperatures and nutrient deficiency. Plant hormones are involved in the response to environmental stresses, in many cases acting as chemical messengers and triggering m ...

SUBJECT: promotori della crescita vegetale; etablissement de la plante; expresion genica; resistencia genetica; plant breeding

POSTED TO: Italus Hortus (Italy) [1127-3496]

Phytophthora cactorum (Lebert et Cohn) Schroeter is an important plant pathogen that can cause serious damage in agricultural and ornamental crops as well as in a wide range of forest species. The identification of this pathogen, based on morphological and physiological characters, is time consuming, labour-intensive and requires specialised staff to be correctly performed. Recently, PCR-based ...

SUBJECT: diagnosi di laboratorio; forest trees; identificazione; marcatori genetici; ornamental plants

POSTED TO: Journal of Plant Pathology (Italy) [1125-4653]

SUBJECT: nematode control; organismos para control biologico; cultural control; crops; lutte biologique

POSTED TO: Informatore Fitopatologico (Italy) [0020-0735]

Relation between environmental quality and agricultural production

Fagnano, M.; Quaglietta Chiarandà [jan-jun2004]

Main problems of air, water and soil quality in Italy are discussed, with particular attention to their effects on crop yield and to effects of cropping systems on environmental quality. The main research methods and the still open questions which need further research activities are also reported. The aspect of air quality more dangerous for vegetation is tropospheric ozone pollution. Ozone, ...

SUBJECT: atmosphere; symptome; eutrophisation; eutrofizzazione; mathematical models

POSTED TO: Rivista di Agronomia (Italy) [0035-6034]

SUBJECT: fungicidi; malattie fungine; metabolisme; control de enfermedades; inibizione

POSTED TO: Informatore Fitopatologico (Italy) [0020-0735]

SUBJECT: cell membranes; resistencia a la sequia; osmoregulation; sintesi delle proteine; oryza sativa

POSTED TO: Italian Journal of Agronomy (Italy) [1125-4718]

SUBJECT: vigueur hybride; transcription factors; expresion genica; geni dominanti; heterozygotes

POSTED TO: dal Seme (Italy)

In this essay we presented an historical overview of plant water relation studies. We first analyzed how early observations on seeds imbibition and water uptake by microcapillarity were developed in a systematic analysis of water absorption and movement within the plant. Subsequently, we explained how the concept of osmosis became critical in analyzing water movement in plant tissues. We final ...

SUBJECT: resistencia a la sequia; stress osmotique; plante transgenique; potenziale idrico; potentiel hydrique

POSTED TO: Italus Hortus (Italy) [1127-3496]